Monday, 17 October 2011

That Seventies Show

Last week my daughter and I went clothes shopping but came back empty-handed.  The reason - apart from what's available only looks good on size 8-10s (which we are not), there was a distinctive 70s vibe everywhere! Mustard yellows, brown, orange - ah yes I remember the days.  These colours are fine if you're warm skinned but if you're cool skinned they will make you look ill. This current fashion choice set me thinking back to what I wore in those far off 70s days  So, here goes:

In the early seventies the mini era was still going, so I wore mini dresses and skirts - not many jeans or trousers.  Then one winter I bought a midi-length brown coat with a fur-trimmed hood and cuffs, which I wore with brown suede boots.  I worked in the city of London at the time and used to feel very Victorian as I walked around the narrow streets in my new coat!

For my 21st birthday I bought a dress from Dickens & Jones in London.  It was ankle length and empire line.  The top was white lace and the bottom half was pink, black and white stripe with a black bow under the bust.  I wore a velvet choker around my neck with it.

At my wedding in 1973  my wedding dress was made of broderie anglaise (made by my mother in law) and had a high neck, long sleeves which were tight at the wrist, going into puffy sleeves above - well, it was the fashion wasn't it? The material cost me all of £8 from John Lewis in Oxford Street.  My husband wore a brown three piece suit with a brown and yellow striped tie and platform shoes.

Another outfit I wore (to a party) was a long, paisley patterned skirt which was gathered on to a very wide waistband (again made by my mother-in-law).  I wore it with an Edwardian style white blouse, which had long puffy sleeves, and a cameo brooch which I've still got.

As the seventies progressed, I wore polo necked jumpers with a hip belt, bell bottom trousers, sleeveless jumpers over blouses with big sleeves, cheesecloth blouses and lacy material blouses. The collars were sometimes rounded, sometimes long and pointy.  I even made some flared trousers to wear to work.  Yellow, brown and green were 'in' colours then but I do remember wearing pale blue too.

It was not the greatest era for fashion as you can probably tell.  I much preferred sixties' fashion.  I really hope this current seventies thing doesn't stay around too long - I've been there, done that and got the wedding dress in my attic to prove it!

Friday, 9 September 2011

Breaking the rules

Last Monday, 5 September was Labor Day in the USA when traditionally you should pack away all your white clothes until next Spring!  To wear white after Labor Day is not the done thing.  I'm sure many people don't adhere to this rule and this set me thinking about other 'rules' that could be broken.  For example, who says that when you're over a certain age (50) you shouldn't have long hair?  Provided that your hair is styled and cut well, in good condition and suits your face, why not?  The other day in the supermarket I saw a lady who had long grey hair, which I would normally have considered wrong but she looked amazing - it was beautifully styled and elegant on her. What about wearing a leather jacket when you're over 60?  A jacket that suits your body shape, doesn't have loads of zips and trims and is in the right colour leather for you can look very good. As for jeans, I intend to keep wearing them for as long as I can - in a darker denim and the correct length for my footwear. In the summer I also wear white jeans!  So, provided we consider carefully how we wear an item, I believe some rules are meant to be broken!

Monday, 5 September 2011

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to my blog! I've always been interested in fashion and style right from a young age. I started my working life as a secretary and then, when my children were younger, I was involved in their education for many years.  Since they have gone their various ways, I decided I would do something I've always wanted to do - train to do image consulting.  So far, I have trained to do colour analysis and I am soon hoping to train in style and wardrobe management.  There is always something to learn in the art of dressing well and as I help others to look their best, I am also on the journey myself!

Over the last 3 years I have 'colour analysed' quite a number of people and, although people may fall into the same colour category, everyone has a unique colour pattern -  their eye colour is different, their skin and hair colour is different - therefore my passion is that everyone becomes the best 'them' they can be, because there is no-one else exactly the same as them on the planet (even identical twins have slight differences).