Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Mirror Mirror on the wall......

A full length mirror is, in my view, an important part of getting dressed in the morning.  It enables you to check your appearance front and back and to make any necessary changes before you go out to greet the world!  For many months I managed with just a dressing table or bathroom mirror.  These were fine for doing my hair or putting on make-up but you can only see half of what you look like and one day I was dashing for the front door and went out with odd earrings on!  Maybe that wouldn't have happened if I had done a complete check of my appearance before I went out.  So, my recommendation is to have at least one, preferably two, full length mirror(s) in the house (ideally one by the front door),in good lighting so that you can check:

  • Whether your items of clothing go well together in terms of colour and style.
  • Which shoes/boots look best with what you're wearing.
  • Do my accessories go with what I'm wearing?
  • Your rear view - you will need a hand mirror for this.  Is anything riding up? Can you see your underwear (the dreaded VPL)? Is my hair like a bird's nest at the back?
  • Do I really feel confident with what I have on? Sometimes things just don't 'feel' right. If they don't, then change into something that you know you will feel happy in.                                                         

Of course, we need to allow extra time for all of this, especially if we need to change what we were originally wearing!  

So, next time, before you rush to get out of the door - pause for a moment to check yourself in a full length mirror - it could mean the difference between wearing odd shoes or a matching pair!

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Colours of Autumn

Autumn is well and truly here.  It's cold and dark in the mornings and evenings, the trees are turning golden and the leaves are fast and furiously falling to earth, making a rustling sound as we walk on them.  At the end of October the clocks will go back an hour, making it darker still in the evenings! There are many things to like about autumn - we can cosy up by a fire, get out the knitting that we didn't finish last winter, go for walks, eat warming soups and casseroles AND - we can start to look at our wardrobes with a fresh eye and plan what we are going to wear for the next six months.

Take all your autumn/winter clothes out of the wardrobe and lay them on the bed.  Do you still like what you see? If an item of clothing is no longer good enough to wear, get rid of it.  With what you have left, see what goes with what and make a list of the items you really need.  Do you have enough cardigans/skirts/jeans etc to see you through the autumn/winter months? Make sure you have clothes to wear to parties or social events (plus shoes to go with the outfits).  Aim to buy only what you need as and when you can afford it.  A few scarves in colours that suit you are an inexpensive way of perking up some of your clothes. Market stalls and street vendors are good places to buy cheap but colourful scarves. I have had many of my scarves for years and wear them often.  Here's to a bright and colourful Autumn!