Thursday, 21 February 2013

Breaking out of the uniform trap

It's easy to fall into the trap of wearing a 'uniform' each day.  If I'm not going out or expecting anyone to come to my house, my uniform comprises jeans, a jumper or a top with a cardigan and slippers!  On days when I do housework, I wear old, scruffy jeans and tops. Well, you can't get bleach on your good clothes can you? However, I have noticed that dressing in the same type of clothes every day, particularly if I dress too scruffily, has a fairly negative effect on my mood! So, in order to break free from this cycle of predictable dressing, I suggest the following:
  • To always wear colours that flatter*, even if doing housework, painting or other jobs. If you wear your husband's old tee shirt the chances are that the colour will be wrong for you anyway. Obviously you don't need to wear your best clothes for doing household chores, but some tee shirts, jeans, jumpers etc that are the right colours for you and fit you properly will go a long way to making you feel 'up together'.
  • Wear some make-up - an instant mood lifter. Perfume too!
  • Wear a skirt or dress for a change. 
  • Look good for YOU - don't we deserve to look and feel good every day?
With the above in mind, I'm off to ditch the ratty tee shirts!

*A colour analysis with me will show you the best colours to flatter your skin, hair and eyes.