Saturday, 4 January 2014

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to you all.  I haven't blogged for 4 months, but I'm hoping to blog more frequently this year than last year!  At this time of year many people, myself included, make new year resolutions.  We start off with good intentions and somehow the euphoria of New Year's Eve makes us resolve that yes, in the coming year all will be different. I will lose the weight, exercise more, stop eating chocolate, spend less etc etc. but by the end of January often we are no further forward with these resolutions than we were last year. Also, January is a long, cold, dark month.....

I have a solution to the 'resolutions'!  Why not just resolve to make or change one habit a month in one or two areas of your life for the next 12 months?   For example, in the area of keeping fit/exercise you could aim to walk for 30 mins 3 times a week. In the area of eating you could decide to cut out one item of food that is unhealthy. In the area of home, maybe you could clean and tidy one room thoroughly per week. Once you succeed at making these changes in your life you will start to feel as if you have accomplished something and it may spur you on to make more changes.

One habit I'm aiming to stick to during January (and for the rest of the year) is looking after my skin and not just the skin on my face. I suffer from psoriasis and I'm determined to get rid of it as much as possible this year by trying out different products and being diligent in using them. I bought some Dead Sea products before Christmas, one of which is Dead Sea Mud. It is very messy to use and you have to leave it on your skin 15 mins and then rinse it off. While it is on my skin it tingles and stings slightly so I'm sure it's doing some good! For my face, I love Liz Earle products and my aim is to get maximum benefit from them by using them consistently, i.e. every day.

So, for 2014 babysteps are the way forward - but let's do them consistently.