Saturday, 17 May 2014

A good fit

Do your clothes either hang off you like a sack or are so tight that the buttonholes are gaping? Either way is not a good look. Clothes should fit you properly, no matter the size on the label. You can always cut the label off anyway if you don't like the size on it - who's to know? I'm sure you all know that clothes sizes vary from shop to shop, so it is always best to try clothes on before you buy them.  Here are some points to consider when it comes to a good fit:

  • Ideally clothes should be slightly loose, but not baggy, to look flattering
  • You should be able to get two fingers in the waistband of a skirt or trousers and the waistband shouldn't roll over when you are sitting down.
  • There should be no gaping in the front when you do blouse or shirt buttons up. 
  • If sleeves are mean to be long, they should be at wrist level, not knuckle level or above the wrist.
  • Always stretch your arms out in front of you when buying a blouse, shirt or top. If it pulls across the back, it's too tight.
  • Make sure jackets and coats fit your shoulders. The shoulder seams shouldn't extend beyond your shoulder line.
  • If you are wearing flat boots or shoes with trousers, the trousers can be short enough to show some of the foot. If you are wearing heeled boots or shoes with trousers, the trousers need to cover more of the foot but not drag on the ground. Wearing heels with wider cut trousers that are too short doesn't look right.