Friday, 25 July 2014

Happy Holidays

I recently came back from a 3 week holiday in France. My husband and I had a wonderful time travelling from Portsmouth to Caen then on mainly down the west side of France (by car), staying near Royan the first week, with some friends of ours.  We then travelled on to a village called Saucede near Oloron St Marie, where we had a great view of the Pyrenees for the second week. Our final week was spent in the Dordogne, where our youngest daughter flew out to join us. The weather was mainly warm with some thunderstorms and some dull days. Packing for this holiday, I have to admit, was not easy! However, I did manage to take a 'capsule wardrobe' and wore everything in it in various combinations apart from 2 pairs of trousers.  Also, because we were travelling in our own car and we had no real baggage restrictions it was easy to just throw in a few extra items of clothing.....!

So my point is this: when you absolutely have to stick to a baggage weight allowance, e.g. when you fly on a cut price airline, you will only take what you need in your case and nothing more and your capsule wardrobe will work well for you. Travelling by car means you are more likely to relax the rules but it's still a good idea to stick to a small colour palette and ensure everything goes together so that you look co-ordinated, something the French seem to do effortlessly!