Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Christmas Gift Vouchers

If you don't know what to buy for the woman (or man) in your life for Christmas, then Gift Vouchers are an easy gift to give and a great gift to receive! I have Gift Vouchers starting from £10.00 which can be redeemed against any of my image services: colour analysis, style analysis, wardrobe management or personal shopping. Contact me now to get your Christmas Gift Vouchers.

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Quality over Quantity

Why do we do it? Buy cheaply that is and then regret it! Sometimes we just want a quick fix or we tell ourselves we really need that item of clothing, bag, shoes or whatever when we haven't really planned, budgeted or thought long about it. But.. it looks so tempting in the store - hanging there on the hanger and it's only £6/£7.50 - a bargain. So, we buy it and wear it a few times. It seems okay doesn't it? Then we wash it and wear it and wash it again and hmmm - the jumper/cardigan or whatever is starting to look bobbly or is going shapeless and a bit sad. So then we obviously can't wear it out anywhere can we so we wear it just in the house and then it joins several other jumpers or items of clothing that have gone the same way! Finally, it gets relegated to the bag of clothes to take to the jumble sale or charity shop - and only after 6 months. Oh dear....

The answer, of course, is NOT to buy cheap. Because you always end up buying twice. Wardrobe planning is the way to go. Really think about what you need and commit it to paper if necessary. We really don't need 10 poor quality cardigans in our wardrobes, when 3 better quality ones will hold up for much longer after lots of washing and ironing. I find that clothing that is 100% acrylic does not last very long. Try to buy clothing with a percentage of wool or cotton or silk or even cashmere in the mix, such as the jumper below from Debenhams.

With shoes, belts or handbags, leather is going to last much longer but you don't have to buy designer accessories - department stores usually have them at reasonable prices. The bag below is also from Debenhams.

Let's aim to buy the best quality items we can afford (without getting into debt!) and hopefully our clothes will give us good service.