Monday, 27 April 2015

Don't be a slob!

When I was young and at home living with my parents, my mother always made me change out of my 'good' clothes and into some old clothes for wearing around the house so that my 'good' clothes wouldn't get dirty or spilled on. So it was with my school uniform - I had to change out of it to keep it looking tidy and clean for the next day.  Because it was ingrained in me, I also used to make my own children change out of their school uniforms into other clothes. Now, years later, I still can't get out of the habit of changing out of my smarter clothes into 'slob around the house clothes'. 

What's wrong with that? I hear you ask. No-one wants to sit around in a party dress or smart jacket if there's no-one but the cat to see them do they? So you might as well save those nice clothes for going out.  Well, yes, partly true I think but consider this: if you slop around the house too often in old clothes they can have an adverse effect on you. At least they do on me. If I wear them too often I start to feel negative about myself, whereas if I make an effort and wear clothes I like, even love, I feel happy. Is this true for you? Part of feeling good about ourselves is aiming to look as good as we can everyday and a too big cardigan or baggy tracksuit bottoms aren't going to cut it!

I remember my mother-in-law used to do her housework in the morning (still looking acceptable, not slobby) and then change into a nice dress in the afternoon, even if it was just her in the house, and mostly it was. At the time I wondered why she did that, but now I understand.

I would say keep one set of clothes to wear for painting and one for gardening/housework etc but no more. Once clothes get pilled, baggy or just plain worn out and old then get rid of them - there is no point in keeping them as they are doing you no favours.

So even if it's just ourselves and the cat in the house let's make an effort to dress in nicer clothes just for us. You can always put an apron over the top of your clothes when cooking etc.

Friday, 17 April 2015

Yellow for April

April is typically the month when Spring starts to reveal itself. The days are getting longer, blossom is on the trees, hedges are greening and we may even have some warmish weather and sunshine to enjoy. Easter is often in April and the colour yellow is often associated with Easter and is a springlike colour to wear.  However, yellow is not an easy colour to wear for many people and finding the right yellow for your skintone can be difficult to find in the shops.

The Pantone yellow for 2015 is Custard as shown in the image below:

However, Custard is only okay if you are light or possibly cool and muted in colouring as it would be too insipid on anyone with bright, deep or warm colouring!

Let's look at which yellows are best for each colouring:

DEEP: If you are deep in colouring (dark hair, dark eyes, olive skin) then a deep golden yellow would look good on you.

LIGHT: As well as the custard colour above, obviously keep to light yellows.

COOL: A cool yellow is hard to find but a your yellows should have no obvious warmth in them.  

WARM: Mustard yellow & golden yellows will suit you.

BRIGHT: You can wear a neon yellow and a clear yellow.

MUTED: Nothing too loud for you - keep to soft yellows.

(I apologise for not being able to show examples of yellows for each colour direction - my camera made the yellows I did photograph look grey!).

If you like to wear yellow, keep searching and you may find your perfect yellow in the shops. You can always wear yellow with other colours in a pattern as below: