Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Style Inspiration - Katharine Hepburn

Katharine Hepburn was someone who broke all the rules in the 1930s/40s. She was one of the few women who wore trousers at a time when everyone else was wearing skirts and dresses. She was a natural redhead, wore little make up, was quite headstrong and didn't do anything she didn't want to do! She was, of course, famous for her long-spanning relationship with Spencer Tracey and she died at the age of 96.

Her style has been described as androgynous but can also look quite feminine.

In the photo above she is wearing wide trousers, a blouse/shirt and wedge sandals. We can take elements of this style of dressing (without the socks) and translate it into 'today'. The clothes below are from Marks & Spencer (wide-legged trousers) and Boden (shirt and sandals):

As you can see, what Katharine Hepburn wore in the 1930s/40s hasn't dated that much - those wide-legged trousers, shirt and wedges can easily be found in 2015!

Many of the stars of yesterday (including Katharine Hepburn) whose style we find inspirational and who I've mentioned on the blog, such as Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly, kept to timeless, classic clothes which can be repeated down the years. I admire them for that.

Monday, 18 May 2015

Product Review - Tropic Skincare

Tropic Skincare is relatively new on the market. It was founded by Susan Ma, a runner up on TV's The Apprentice in 2010. I am currently using the cleanser and moisturiser and, I must say, I'm really liking it. The packaging is similar to Liz Earle in that it's green and it is made from beautiful smelling, natural ingredients. There is a lovely bamboo cloth to wash off the cleanser, which is thicker than a muslin cloth and does the job of taking off the cleanser a lot better than a muslin.

Tropic also do other products - make up, body products, oils and hand and foot creams so I'm interested in trying out more of them soon.

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Coral for May

Coral is always a very popular colour during the Spring and Summer and not surprisingly as it suits most skin tones. I have bought something coral coloured for the past few summers but I am Bright and Warm, so it does suit me. If you are really Cool then aim more for pinks than corals but here are some clothes in coral currently available:

The above dress is from Joe Brown's and is currently £69.00. 

This top is from M & S Indigo range and is £25.00. Good if you are Light in colouring. 

The above jeans are from Next £48.00. 

Here are some examples of coral jewellery from Accessorize: 

The bracelets are £12.00 for 8 to be worn together and the necklace is £19.00

Coral bags are also great for the summer:

The top one is from Next £24.00 and the above one is from Debenhams, currently £49.00.

If you like coral, as you can see, there are lots of coral items on the high street (or buy on line). Typically coral goes with gold jewellery but if you are Cool you can wear with silver. Do make sure that you choose coral rather than orange, unless you have Warm in your colouring. 

Saturday, 9 May 2015

Current things I'm liking for Summer

I'm talking clothes and accessories of course! Here are some items on my wish list for this summer, which I may or may not acquire....

1. Denim Jacket

This Amanda jacket from Boden in vintage blue has a frayed 'collar' which makes it different from usual denim jackets. It looks good with white as in the picture, but could be worn with almost any colour. The jacket also comes in white and blue floral. £58.65 at present.

2. Slip-on Trainers

The above trainers are from Boden (£41.65 at present), which may have sold out now but there are similar ones in Clarks for example and other shops. They look great with skirts, trousers or jeans,shorts and cropped trousers.

3. A Lace Dress

I really like this coral lace dress from Joe Brown's, which isn't usually where I buy clothes from. But the fact that it's plain and not patterned makes it more versatile in my book as I don't like many of the Joe Brown prints, which I find too busy. This dress could be worn dressed up with heels to a wedding or more formal event, or dressed down with flat sandals. £69.00.

4. Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriend jeans are less fitted than skinny jeans and therefore kinder to us ladies over 50! I would choose a vintage or dark denim wash and wear them rolled at the ankle as in the picture above. Again, a very versatile item of clothing, which would go with different coloured tops and look great with the slip-on trainers. These are from Boden and currently £41.65 with Boden's 25% discount.

5. Cross body bag
This tan leather cross body bag from Next would look good with jeans and be useful for shopping as it frees your hands to carry lots of bags! This is also available in black, nude, red and green. £35.00.

The above are just a few of the items of clothes and accessories that I like this Spring/Summer.Do you have a wish list?

Friday, 1 May 2015

Book Review - Choosing The Simply Luxurious Life

The book I'd like to review this month is: Choosing the Simply Luxurious Life by Shannon Ables. I recently read this on my Kindle and I love it. I also love Shannon's blog The Simply Luxurious Life. http://www.thesimplyluxuriouslife.com.

In this book Shannon talks firstly about falling in love with your life, then covers being financially savvy, building a signature style, creating a sanctuary, dating and relationships, travelling and much more. It's about creating a life you love but you don't need a huge bank balance to do it. It's about finding pleasure in every day things and making right choices and it's a book you can return to again and again and you will always pick up new tips as you do. 

Shannon Ables is also a keen Francophile. She loves going to France and imbibing the French culture. She has a chapter on clothes and style and gives a list of basic clothing items she recommends everyone to have - much the same as French women do. She also gives some recipes and advice about entertaining. Also, she talks about getting to know yourself and being who you are - she is a self-confessed introvert but that's okay because she has learned to be who she is.

I highly recommend this book and will certainly be re-reading it again soon.