Monday, 13 July 2015

Pastels for July

July is a good time to wear pastels. It's usually the height of summer temperature-wise and pastels help us look and feel cool. At summer weddings, bridesmaids are often in pastels too and pastels seem to have been in fashion for the last few years. However, not everyone can wear pastels successfully, especially if you are deep or bright in colouring. Contrasting pastels with a deeper or brighter colour is a good way to wear them if you are deep or bright. Wearing your deepest or brightest pastel shades is another great way to look good or just wear pastel coloured shoes or bags instead.

The above clothes would, of course, suit someone who is light in colouring and even muted and cool folk could wear them and warms can wear the peach colour . Add deeper or brighter accessories, shrug etc if you are deep or bright.

As we have such a short summer season in this country, we don't need too many pastel coloured clothes - but enjoy wearing them if you can get them to work for you.