Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Shopping Survey Results

A while back I sent out a survey to quite a lot of ladies over 50. It was about clothes shopping and their experiences. Here are the results from the ladies that filled in my survey:

Where do you prefer to shop?

A: Cheltenham, Gloucester, Bristol, Birmingham

Which shops do you prefer to shop at?

A: M & S came out top, other popular shops were Monsoon, East, Next, Phase 8, John Lewis, Laura Ashley, Bon Marche and Primark.

Can you usually find what you're looking for?

A: Most people said yes, a couple said no.

How satisfied are you with what's available in the shops?

A: Most people are 8/10 satisfied, a couple said 2/10.

Do you shop online?

Only 2 people in the survey shop on line, the rest don't.

Supermarket brands?

Generally people like Asda, Tescos & Sainsbury's & feel they are good value for money.

A big thank you to all the ladies who filled in my survey!

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

August Sales - yes or no?

August is such an uninspiring month for clothes buying despite the shops being full of 70% and 50% off 'bargains'  I trawled around the shops this week just to see what was there: rack upon rack of printed tops,quite a lot of maxi dresses and shorts. Good If you are going on holiday soon and there are still swim suits to be had. I even managed to get my daughter a kaftan in Marks & Spencer's sale for her holiday but, in general, everything has been well picked over and only a few good things remain.

If you have a wedding or special occasion coming up, there are some dresses in Planet and Precis in Debenhams which would be a bargain late summer buy at £50-£60 off the original prices:

The above dress is from Planet and is now £49.00 reduced from £99.00.

This dress is from Precis and is £39.00 reduced from £99.00.

I'm trying not to buy anything much this month. The only thing I've bought for myself is this blouse in Marks & Spencer's sale:

I don't usually buy this type of top, as it's quite Romantic (and I'm Classic) in style but I quite like the lacy trim on it and it will go with quite a lot in my wardrobe - blue jeans, white jeans, black trousers as well as skirts, providing we have some warm weather!

Have you managed to bag a bargain in August or are you going to wait until the sales have finished and autumn clothes are filtering into the shops?

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Wearing blue in August

Blue is a very summery colour, especially for August. It is the colour of the sky and sea and has a definite 'holiday' vibe. When I think of blue, I'm not really thinking of navy blue, which is a year round neutral. I'm thinking of all the other blue possibilities that every colour direction can wear - even warms!

If you are Light in colouring, then obviously a lighter shade of blue is preferred than too dark and if you are Deep the reverse is true:

This Ravello top from Boden is show in Frosty Blue Scribble Spot and is currently £39.20.

This navy and white printed sweatshirt is currently £39.20 from Boden.

For Cool colouring wearing blue is easy, as blue is a typically cool colour. For Warm colouring, you will have to search a bit harder but a warm, kingfisher colour is great:

The two tops above are from Kettlewell Colours.

If you are Bright in colouring, then choose a bright, clear blue such as this azure blue top from Kettlewell:

Lastly, if you are Muted or soft in colouring then a blue that is not too bright and harsh is best:

I do hope you enjoy wearing the colour of the sky and sea in August, in a shade just right for you!