Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Which earrings suit your face shape?

When it comes to wearing earrings, those that echo your face shape will be the most flattering. There are three main, basic face shapes: Angular, Combination and Curved. These can be broken down further as follows:

Angular - square, rectangle, triangle, diamond.

Curved - round, heart, pear, oval

Combination - some of each of the above

When assessing someone's face shape I also take into consideration their features - eyes, nose, mouth, chin, cheeks and forehead. For example, a sharp, pointed nose is angular; a more rounded nose is curved. Almond shaped eyes are more angular; round eyes are curved. Thin, straight lips are angular; full soft lips are curved. A pointed chin is angular; a soft, rounded one is curved etc.

Earrings for Angular face shapes

Earrings for Curved Face Shapes

Earrings for Combination face shapes

Next time you buy earrings, why not try looking at the shape of your face first and then make your selection based on that. The above earrings are all from Stella & Dot.

Friday, 9 October 2015

Style Inspiration - The Duchess of Cambridge

As far as I'm concerned, the Duchess of Cambridge rarely puts a foot wrong when it comes to fashion and style. From her perfectly styled hair to her fab shoes, she always looks appropriate for every occasion. Okay, Kate may have a stylist, but I'm sure some of the clothes she wears are her choices too.

Just concentrating on The Duchess of Cambridge's casual looks - the photo on the right shows her looking effortlessly stylish wearing skinny jeans, a striped Breton top, flat shoes and sunglasses. This look can easily be copied fairly cheaply and easily as follows:

You could buy similar items to these on the High Street - just add sunglasses and a baby!

The Duchess of Cambridge recently visited The Anna Freud Centre in London (for children and young people with mental health issues). I love this black and white houndstooth dress she wore - nothing stiff and starchy about it; she was certainly approachable wearing it.

With her hair and make-up perfectly done, we could all perhaps take a leaf out of her book and aim to be as polished and 'finished off' as Kate and not just rely on clothes to get us by. So for me, she is certainly a Style Inspiration and I always like seeing what she wears either formally or casually.