Thursday, 26 November 2015

My Kettlewell Picks

If you have been colour analysed, or even if you haven't, Kettlewell Colours is a great company that stocks a variety of tops, cardigans, dresses, tunics, camisoles etc in colours that will both flatter your colouring and fit well. The clothes are available on line and they produce a catalogue two or three times a year. I have been buying Kettlewell Colours clothes for a few years now and have mostly been happy with the quality, particularly the basic tee shirts and tops that they do every year. Their sizing is quite small, e.g. the LL is a 16 which is fine if you are between a size 10 and 16 but they don't really cater for those above a size 16. 

Here are some of my picks for Autumn/Winter 2015:

Firstly, this cardi coat in Poppy. I have this cardi coat myself and it is very warm as it is made of merino wool. This particular item does come up big so I ordered a Medium and it's fine. Quite expensive at £125 but it should last for years!

This jumper is also made of merino wool, is £59 and comes in 12 colours. It looks very cosy and would go with a lot of things. If you are allergic to wool next to your skin, wear it over one of their long sleeved tops as in the photo.

This Zoe tunic can be dressed up or down - it would look great with jeans or smart trousers. £59.

I really like this Arabella dress, which comes in attractive plain colours. I like the crossover top and a contrasting camisole looks great worn underneath. £75.

Finally, this is a lovely silky scoop neck top, which can be worn with jeans, smart trousers or a skirt. It comes in 24 colours so there is sure to be one that fits the bill. £37.

If you've never tried Kettlewell Colours, have a look at their website and I'm sure you'll find something you like, maybe in a colour you've never worn before.

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Winter coats

It's November and soon the weather will be turning colder so time to think about winter coats.  This winter it's all about the military style coat and there are lots to choose from. If you have a large bust then either look for the rows of buttons to be close together or go for a single breasted coat as most double breasted coats have a widening effect.

This military style coat from Wallis is below the knee so would be perfect for covering various hem lengths. Good for straight body shapes.
Another military coat from Wallis - shorter in length and the buttons are closer together. Very classic in style and won't date.  Again good if you are a semi straight or straight body shape.

This coat from Wallis still has a military look but is single breasted and above the knee in length. The more fitted style would be good for those who are semi straight or curvy body shapes. 

I also like faux fur coats. They look very cosy to wear in the depths of winter and would be useful to wear in the evenings.

The above coat would be good for those with Light or Muted colouring. This coat from Wallis also comes in black.

Another coat in fashion this winter is the Parka.

Khaki seems to be the colour of choice at the moment which is fine if you are Warm in colouring, otherwise look for a colour that flatters you. 

If you would like a new coat this winter then you might like to consider the above options, which are reasonably priced. If you invest in a winter coat made from good quality material it will last you years without going out of shape and if you buy a classic style such as a military coat, different coloured accessories (scarf, gloves, hat) will change up the look.

Saturday, 7 November 2015

How to flatter a small bust

You may think that someone with a small bust is lucky but I'm sure that would not be the case if you asked them! Here are a few yeses and nos for those with an A or AA cup size:


  • Wear a good fitting bra in the correct size.. Get measured properly at a good store This information is the same as for those more endowed than yourself. 
  • You can wear tops with pockets and embellishments on the bust such as frills, ruffles and logos (if that's your style).
  • High necked tops or dresses. 
  • A bright or stronger contrasting colour around the bust area, which will make it look bigger.
  • Empire lines and yokes gathers at bust area.
  • Don't be tempted to go braless, even if you have an AAA cup! Like those with a larger bust, you need to keep your boobs in the correct place and only a good bra will do that for you (see above).
  • In my opinion, wearing very plunging necklines only makes those with a small bust look completely androgynous and flat chested.
  • Avoid cross over tops - generally they will be too baggy for you and  will make you look like you are wearing an old-fashioned pinny!
  • Anything too clingy.

I do hope these tips will help you to make the most of what you have!