Friday, 10 June 2016

What to wear for a wedding on a budget

If you are a guest at a wedding this summer how can you look great without spending a fortune? It could cost you several hundred pounds to buy a. a dress  b. shoes c. a bag  d. a jacket  e. a hat or fascinator  f. hosiery  g. shape underwear. If there is an evening party you may need flat shoes to dance in as well - phew! Have I missed anything out?

Now obviously, if you have more than one wedding to attend throughout the summer you could wear this same outfit again and maybe even for a few years. But if you have a tight budget here are some suggestions:

1. Look through your wardrobe first. Try on any smart dresses or jackets that you have to see if they would be suitable.

2. If you find, say, an existing dress that would be ok - you could look for an inexpensive jacket or shrug in a colour that would compliment it.

3. If you already have a smart jacket that would be fine to wear to a wedding in your wardrobe, look for a budget priced dress which again would compliment the colour of the jacket.

4. You may be able to find a dress with a 'good' label in a charity shop. The same applies to a hat or bag.

5. If your budget runs to it, slightly more expensive accessories can upgrade a cheaper dress.

6. Dress agencies are often a good source of clothes with designer labels at reasonable prices.

In an ideal world, it is better to have one or two classically cut dresses (preferably in plain colours) such as the one below, which you can wear to almost anything and which will last you a lot longer than one season. You can dress them up for weddings etc and down for more casual occasions. The dress needs to make you look amazing and it eliminates the panic of what to wear, because it will always be a reliable item of clothing. Changing the accessories you wear with the dress will help you to not get bored with it.

If you don't have a classic style personality then this dress, which is more romantic, would be great. It can still be dressed up or down:

It certainly is possible to find a great wedding outfit without going overboard!