Thursday, 19 January 2017

Why not sort out your make-up?

January is a good time to have a look at what's in your make-up bag, clean your brushes, chuck out old stuff  and buy new items! Of course, it's not just in January that you should do this - the following process can be done several times throughout the year:

Firstly, tip all your make-up out on to a surface or a towel on the bed. Any make-up items that you have hidden in drawers - get those out too, including brushes. 

Next, sort out the brushes and applicators from the rest of the make-up and set aside for now.

Then, look at each item of make-up and decide whether it is worth keeping. Has the mascara dried up and is it more than 3-6 months old? Remember - make-up harbours bacteria, which can cause eye infections!  Have you been using the same eyeshadows for over a year (I had) and they are nearly all gone? Out they go. Lipsticks - if you have been using them for over a year and they are worn right down in the tube, then be ruthless and get rid of them. 

Next, wash those brushes and applicators that you set aside. Cleaning them once a month is a good habit to get into. Sponge applicators an be washed in mild soapy water (shampoo is good) and squeezed out and left to dry naturally. If the sponge applicator is not worth washing just throw it away! With brushes, I find that I have to work the shampoo or mild soap into the bristles to get all the make-up/foundation out. I then hold the bristles under the tap until the water runs clear. Then I pat dry with a towel and place above a radiator (not on it) or in sunlight to dry completely.

Any containers, bags or glass jars in which you store your make-up need to be thoroughly washed too. You may need to buy new make-up storage, so have a look on line to see what would be suitable. I recently purchased a new make-up storage container from Homesense Other places you could try are:,, Argos, Ikea and Amazon. I like clear containers as you can see what you have. If I put all my make-up in a make-up bag (unless I'm travelling) I have to empty all the contents out to find what I'm looking for.

If you need new brushes, you can find them in Boots or Superdrug. Or why not buy a set of brushes from the charity Look Good Feel Better (, which can also be purchased from Boots.

Now that everything is clean - put the make-up you have left back into your containers or bags and make a note of any new cosmetics you may need to buy.

Organising your make-up is a great way to start the year.